#mcvoyage | Stonehaven, Scotland

#mcvoyage went from England to Northern Scotland, where we made day trips to different cities over the course of 4 days.   One of the most memorable days was in Stonehaven, Scotland: a tiny town by the sea, reminiscent of New England.  

see the England pictures here.

I think of:

  • watching the sunrise from a bus in Scotland
  • eating fried chorizo for breakfast ( low point, don't recommend )
  • cool, crisp weather and fields lined with pines
  • cliffside hike to Dunnottar Castle
  • fields of daffodils everywhere 


#mcvoyage | England

In April, one of my best pals Cadence & I took a month long trip to Europe that we decided to call the #mcvoyage.  

I'll be sharing pictures from each country over the next few months!  

Cades also wrote some wonderful words about the trip on her blog: www.bycadence.com/blog


first up: England

I think of:

  • Traditional Sunday Roast
  • Miffy the cat (who hated us)
  • trying to find Harry Potter in Oxford
  • "mind the gap between the train and the platform"
  • Mezcal Old Fashioned from Bistroteque
  • watching the sunrise over Primrose Hill
  • Nightjar Speakeasy
  • rain + clouds in front of Big Ben
  • smushed avocado brekkie
  • cheers!  lovely!  brilliant!
  • Columbia Flower Market