This is my step grandfather, Wayne. He's a 75-year-old energizer bunny who eats chocolate chip cookies every day for breakfast. He is also a cabinetry wizard who transformed Fran the Van into a tiny home in the span of a month.

There's a poetic undercurrent to this venture: Wayne had a serious stroke in Jan. of 2016. The medical staff transported him to surgery so quickly they broke a hospital record. He recovered fully. I broke my back in April of 2016 ( rough year for our family ). I had emergency spinal fusion surgery and my healing since then has been remarkable. On life's continuum, I reside near dawn and Wayne leans towards dusk. We are two differing humans who intimately understand the fragility of life.  Both of us have second chances with healthy bodies. Both of us want to honor this gift.

Saying thank you feels futile. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Fran would consist of duct tape and plywood if not for your beautiful work.

Cheers to future Franventures with new Frands!

Friends!  I’ll be in New Mexico, Utah, & Arizona for April/May, and I’m looking to shoot some weddings, local businesses, and musicians while I’m out there.  All travel fees will be waived!

Any connections or suggestions would be amazing!

2016: a recap

Belief isn't always easy.

But this much I have learned-

if not enough else- 

to live with my eyes open.  -Mary Oliver


Endlessly grateful for the gift to document life in all of its wonderful and wayward ways.  

Cheers to 2016!

CTWF Honduras

Last June, I traveled to San Matias, Honduras with Considerthewldflwrs to document the community that Emily has invested in over the past 6 years.  It is a land covered in fog & it's people overflow with generosity and smiles.  Emily has been teaching the women of San Matias various jewelry techniques so that they can create pieces that empower & sustain themselves.  They are called Unison Made, and their jewelry will be available for purchase soon.  

Purchase coffee from San Matias here: Iris Coffee

Get Involved: www.mdmhonduras.org