2019 Weddings


Know any fine folks getting married this year? I’m currently booking weddings for 2019. Part of why I separated my wedding work from my commercial work is so that I could be more specific & intentional with the couples I work with. I’m interested in weddings that are simple yet meaningful, with a focus on people vs details. I am drawn to the in-between moments: a quick hug after a ceremony, a hand squeeze or knowing look exchanged, a smile or tear from a proud parent. I’m pretty even-keeled & try to maintain a sense of peace on a wedding day (I like to say that patience is my Superpower 🦹🏼‍♀️)
My biggest desire is that when you look at my photos, you feel that they are an authentic documentation of the people & moments that occurred during your wedding. 
If you smiled & nodded in agreement while reading this, I’d love to meet you! Reach out at mikaelahamilton.love

Shoestring Adventures | Grand Canyon

I got to ring out 2018 with a final Shoestring Adventures trip in the Grand Canyon. This time around, the Canyon reminded me that most things in life are temporary- pain, joy, fear, hurt, love.  We experienced 4 seasons worth of weather in 3 days, and just when I thought it would stay rainy or cold or cloudy, the weather shifted and offered something new.  So it goes with our many seasons in life.  I wrote more about our adventure on the Shoestring blog, which you can read here.

Friends! I’m stoked to have some work hanging in my favorite SB coffee shop, Breakfast Culture Club. These pieces are from a project that formed while I was hiking the John Muir Trail. I encountered a few disappointed hikers who felt that much of the scenery we walked through was the exactly the same. Though I couldn’t agree with them, their comments inspired me to really pay attention to what was around me- for even in the slower pace of hiking life, it is easy to miss beauty if you’re not looking for it. So I started paying attention to the textures of tree bark, rocks, and plants that I passed on my daily commute. I couldn’t believe the differences in color and texture. I began taking macro photos of the textures followed by a slow shutter speed photo to capture the colors. Sometimes one person’s negativity can inspire positivity in another. Look up, my friends! This world has so much beauty to discover. I’ll be offering more photos & prints from this series soon! 
Printed by my photo family at Color Services.