2019 Weddings


Know any fine folks getting married this year? I’m currently booking weddings for 2019. Part of why I separated my wedding work from my commercial work is so that I could be more specific & intentional with the couples I work with. I’m interested in weddings that are simple yet meaningful, with a focus on people vs details. I am drawn to the in-between moments: a quick hug after a ceremony, a hand squeeze or knowing look exchanged, a smile or tear from a proud parent. I’m pretty even-keeled & try to maintain a sense of peace on a wedding day (I like to say that patience is my Superpower 🦹🏼‍♀️)
My biggest desire is that when you look at my photos, you feel that they are an authentic documentation of the people & moments that occurred during your wedding. 
If you smiled & nodded in agreement while reading this, I’d love to meet you! Reach out at mikaelahamilton.love